beam your body back into your youth. Let your face look plump and smooth again. Their joints, tendons and ligaments are supported by the highly concentrated structural protein that supports the body's essential building mechanisms in its work to grow, repair and maintain a powerful body.
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CALIMUS is our high end collagen plus vitamin C cure. The vitamin C is necessary to optimally transport the collagen. It contains lysine and lycopene, two amino acids that are precisely tailored to the collagen. The secret of eternal youth, Calimus Plus Vitamin C!

A disturbed collagen balance leads to wrinkles, cellulite, drooping breasts (man and woman), flabby skin and dents on the skin. By supporting the body's own collagen synthesis, the body's own collagen fiber net can again fulfill its unmistakable task: namely to bind moisture. This is how your skin gets what it had in large quantities in its youth - water. And it is precisely this water, which is stored in the collage, that ensures i.a. for the elasticity of the skin. This allows wrinkles to flatten again and improve the density and tension of the skin. Collagen is the main constituent of our connective tissue, accounting for 60 percent. Like a pillow filling, it cushions our contours on the face and body until it diminishes with age. The idea of ​​replacing the tightener from within is therefore close! The articular cartilage consists of 70 percent of the protein building block collagen. Calimus collagen is thus the basic building block of the joint system, protects joints and bones and stabilizes the joint capsule.

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Verpackung 90 Kapseln
Dosierung 1 x täglich nach der Mahlzeit, 1 bis 2 Kapsel mit reichlich Wasser einnehmen
Anwendung beamen Sie Ihren Körper zurück in Ihre Jugendzeit
Herkunft Thailand
Nebenwirkungen nicht bekannt

Inhaltstoff pro Tablette: 

Fisch Collagen 800 mg, L-Lysine 200 mg, Lacopene 60mg und Vitamin C 30 mg

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