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Tamarind Reinigungspaste 15 Gramm

Tamarind cleaning paste with AHA fruit acid

Tamarind, turmeric and honey a natural miracle cure with fruit acid AHA for the extra glow effect. How can I remove imperfections? What do I do about a pale complexion? What helps with blemished skin? Latest cosmetic trends. The tamarind root is a miracle cure for smooth, pure and glowy skin.
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Our 100 percent natural tamarind cleansing paste with turmeric and honey is used for intensive cleansing and care of the skin. Natural fruit acids (AHA) are found in tamarind. Without alcohol, free of parabens,

Packaging: a pack of 15 grams

Application: 1-2 times a week, a little paste (1 teaspoon), moisten hands with a little water and distribute on the face. Contact time is 10 minutes.

Thoroughly cleanses the skin, regulates the skin's moisture balance, reduces the skin cells' melanin production, stops pigmentation, stimulates collagen production,

gives the skin suppleness and elasticity.

Origin: Thailand

Side effects: none known

Ingredients: tamarind, turmeric, honey and natural fruit acids AHA

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