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bodyvita - KOPRALIM - Kapseln
bodyvita - KOPRALIM - Kapseln
bodyvita - KOPRALIM - Kapseln

Kopralim - 180 Kapseln

When the first symptoms of dementia manifest, the disease process is already well advanced. Kopralim can have a positive effect on the course of the disease, because the more dementia progresses, the harder the simplest activities become. The mistakes are made when getting dressed, the morning toilet takes longer than before and the way to the post appears like a labyrinth.
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Improves intellectual performance. Acts in cerebral and peripheral circulatory disorders with arterial occlusions. Brain performance, memory, geriatric complaints, and concentration disorders. Improves blood circulation in the inner ear and thus prevents dizziness (vertigo) and tinnitus. Has a positive effect on the metabolism, sensory organs, heart and limbs. Activates the metabolism. Help with asthma, bronchitis, migraine, skin diseases, depression and headache. Effective radical scavenger in the area of ​​the central nervous system.


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Verpackung 30, 90 oder 180 Kapseln
Dosierung 1 bis 2 Kapsel mit reichlich Wasser einnehmen
Anwendung Die Mischung von Ginseng mit Ginkgo biloba ist bestens geeignet um die geistige Leistungssteigerung des Ginkgo mit der körperlichen Leistungssteigerung des Ginseng zu verbinden.
Herkunft Thailand
Nebenwirkungen nicht bekannt
Bestandteile Inhaltstoff pro Kapsel: Flavonoid glycoside, Terpenoide, Ginkgolide, Bilobalide
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