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DETOBRITE - 90 Kapseln

detoxify your body with the unique effect, the Thai herbal mixture, Here you will experience detoxing brand new, with a noticeable effect. Detoxify and anti-aging in a herbal mixture.
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Detox means to detoxify oneself and cleanse oneself from the effects of bad nutrition, pollutants, stress-related hormone poisoning and environmental pollution in the body. When our detoxifying organs such as skin, liver and kidneys are overwhelmed, the complexion becomes dull and the body becomes vulnerable. A detox cure boosts the metabolism, helps to lose weight and clarify the complexion, strengthens the immune system and gives new energy. With our capsules, you do not need a week at the expensive Wellness Hotel, just start from home. Also, frequent mood swings, heartburn, fungal infections and joint pain may indicate poisons in the body. We recommend our Calimus Collagen Plus capsules for a completely renewed, young and healthy look after our successful Detobrite treatment.

Exercise also helps to detoxify faster and cleanse your blood. The optimal function of your liver and kidneys are restored. In addition, Detobrite helps prevent venous thrombosis, varicose veins, high cholesterol levels, to prevent heart disease. Even dark circles under the eyes are ruduced.


Weitere Informationen 
Verpackung 90 oder 180 Kapseln
Dosierung Vor der Bettruhe 1 bis 2 Kapsel mit reichlich Wasser einnehmen
Anwendung Reinigen Sie Ihren Körper mit Detobrite und entgiften sie spürbar. Darmkrebs, Verstopfung und Hämorrhoiden verhindern. Reduziert Blähungen, Mundgeruch, und Körpergeruch. Auch optimal einsetzbar nach einer Chemotherapie.
Herkunft Thailand
Nebenwirkungen nicht bekannt

Inhaltstoff pro Kapsel: Oligofructose 25%, Psyllium husk 20,69%, Garcinia extract 17,24%, L-Glutathione 13,79%, Vitamin C 3,45%, Sodium Copper  Chlorophyll 2,59%, frei von Steroiden und Konservierungsstoffen

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