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The traditional Thai medicine offers a wide range of very effective herbs for treating acute problems, and many chronic diseases. 

Our purpose is not subject to infirmity or disease but rather a state of complete physical, spiritual and mental well-being. ERGO, your health a multidimensional phenomenon that occurs when one is not ill. To ensure optimal performance and satisfactory development of independence and well-being, in terms of activities. To promote these "healthy" periods is the background to the development of our supplements. Unfortunately, we learn first the importance of health and well-being when illness occurs or age begin "pressing". In this regard, we can do what we do best; offering Thai herbal products that will give you well-being and not least maintain balance in your body.

What can we do - we are your everyday "barrage" of disease, pain, chronic physical problems or irritations that improve your well-being.

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WATEX - 30 capsules

Watex lowers blood sugar for people with diabetes type II, preventive and cleans out the kidneys and prevent further kidney stones. Works draining and blood pressure lowering. General cleaning effect...


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