bodyvita - PEPEX - Kapselnbodyvita - PEPEX - Kapseln
bodyvita - PEPEX - Kapseln
bodyvita - PEPEX - Kapseln

PEPEX - 30 capsules

Promotes digestion, weight loss, improves the absorption and utilization of vitamins, helps Chronica gastritis, ulcers and has a calming effect on the body when it is nervous or restless.
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Pepexis an excellent slimming tablet, it promotes digestion and eliminates intestinal parasites. Acts as a fat blockers and blood lipid-lowering agent. Increased fat in the blood (hyperlipidaemia) and high Triglydcerid values. Lowers cholesterol. Appetite-regulating effect. Helps with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Improving the uptake and utilization of vitamins. Help with gastritis Chronica and ulcers. By turmoil calms pePEX body.

Further information 
Packing 30, 90, 180 capsules
Dosage Before each meal taken 1 capsule with plenty of water
Use Pepex kann recommended if weight loss is desired. If you want optimum performance it is recommended to play sports, drink plenty of water and eat a varied diet (team again with pasta, white bread, rice and sugar)
Produced Pepex produced in Thailand by the ancient Thai recipes for using plants, roots and herbs for natural medicine.
Side effects
There are no known side effects
Contains 150 mg pro vegan Reismehlpsules: 100% pure Garcinia atroviridis, xanthone, Garcinone D Garcinone E, Alpha-Mangostin, Gamma-mangostin, Atrovirisidone, Atrovirinone, Garcinia GB1, Garcinia GB2, Beta-Guttiferin, Guttic acid, Gambogic Acid, Atrovirisidone B
PEPEX - 30 Kapseln
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