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WATEX - 30 capsules

Watex lowers blood sugar for people with diabetes type II, preventive and cleans out the kidneys and prevent further kidney stones. Works draining and blood pressure lowering. General cleaning effect in the blood and urine
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Watex comes from flowers of Orthosiphon Aristatus that have been used in Thai medicine for thousands of years against ascites, arthritis, urinary tract diseases, obesity and diabetes. In addition the product does also for those who want weight loss and also the positive impact that the legs become slimmer as the water disappears.


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Packaging Capsules 30, 90, 180
Content capsules containing 150 mg, 100% pure Orthosiphon Aristatus.
Dosage 1 capsule for each meal (3 times a day)

Watex used for acute and chronic diseases of the urinary tract. With this product, there is no risk of loss of potassium and other minerals which one can do it by pharmaceutical products. Watex also used as a means of ascites (ascites) and water in the legs.

Produced in Thailand, south-east Asia
Side effects There are no known side effects
Migräne Migrolon - 30 Kapseln
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